Writing Life July & August 2018

Since I was last here, I’ve been working my socks off on my second psychological thriller, and was relieved, several weeks back, to type THE END. I whizzed the manuscript over to my lovely editor at HQ Digital/HarperCollins and, guess what? She was jolly happy with it. PHEW!


Once she’d sent through the excellent edits,  I spent August working on them.  When I first read through what needed to be done, I felt ‘almost’ confident. But it’s never quite that easy – changes to plot or characters can have a real knock-on effect to the rest of the novel. Something that seems quite doable, can end up keeping you awake at night, worrying you’ve tied up all the threads. But I got there, and on Monday it went back to my editor! PHEW again!


The title of novel 2 is TELL THE TRUTH, and the official cover reveal day will be on 5th October, so if you are about on social media that day, any shares and retweets will be so, so welcome. Hugs in advance!


TELL THE TRUTH is already available for pre-order in eBook at 99p, and it will be out on 6th December. It is out in paperback too in February! I’m SO excited that I’ll be able to hold a paperback in my hands, and sign one for my mum!


Since publishing my debut HER LAST LIE in January 2018, I’m amazed and delighted to have raised almost £6000 for Cancer Research UK, in memory of my sister. I couldn’t have raised so much without ALL your support, and the support and faith of my publisher HQ Digital, and my editors Hannah Smith and Nia Beynon


I think the biggest thing that’s hit me as a fledgling writer, is I’ve had such brilliant support on Twitter and Facebook by amazing friends and family, fabulous readers, reviewers and bloggers, and I’m thrilled to have made some fantastic new friends too. It’s been an incredible journey so far. And it kind of juxtaposes (big word!) with my ‘real life’…which has been a bit of a bumpy ride with the loss of my sister and father so soon after each other. Thankfully my writing has really helped so much with the grieving process, by giving me something to focus on.


A couple of exciting things happened in July & August. HER LAST LIE appeared in ‘Inside Hitchin Town Magazine’ in August. A super local monthly magazine, which I was chuffed to feature in..









Lovely fellow psychological thriller writer Barbara Copperthwaite welcomed me on her blog to talk about ‘the books that changed my life’ in July, for which I was grateful. You can have a wee look HERE


July also saw me attend an exciting evening at The Harper Collins Summer Party  – which was amazing! See if you can spot writers: T.M.E. WALSH,  DARREN O’SULLIVAN, B.A. PARIS, LISA HALL, DIANE JEFFREY, MELANIE GOLDING & VICKY NEWHAM – Oh and me looking petrified. :o)







At the moment, I’m trying to wrestle a plot into shape for Novel 3. I started it in July and got up to 6,000 words,  but I’ve now decided it doesn’t quite work. So I’m starting again, and will need to work flat out  as the deadline is the end of January. I can see me typing between mouthfuls of Christmas pudding if I’m not careful.

And finally, I hope to have some VERY exciting news to share VERY soon, so please do watch this space!