TELL THE TRUTH Or they’ll tell it for you.

On Friday, I was SO excited that HQ Digital revealed the cover of my second novel TELL THE TRUTH Or they’ll tell it for you… I think it’s amazing,  and admire the  talent of the cover designer!

This means it’s just two months until my second novel will be out there! The release date is 6th December, and it will be in paperback too in February – which I still can’t quite believe. To be able to hold a copy of my novel will be a dream come true. Well, it’s all a dream come true!

The location of TELL THE TRUTH is very different from HER LAST LIE, which was set locally to me, in Hitchin, Letchworth & Baldock in Hertfordshire UK, as well as in Australia, Canada and Kiruna, Sweden. In TELL THE TRUTH, the main character, Rachel, lives in Finsbury Park, London – home of The Emirates Stadium. Rachel does travel though, just as Isla did in HER LAST LIE, but this time she travels to Sligo in Ireland. Ireland has always meant a lot to me, as my grandfather was Irish, and he was born and lived in Cliffony in Sligo, until he was in his late teens. I’ve visited Sligo and always felt it would be an amazing setting for my novel.

However, I haven’t completely resisted including something local, and I’ve loosely based the spa building in TELL THE TRUTH on a local spa, that was once an asylum.

TELL THE TRUTH is available to pre-order on Kindle at 99p HERE for the UK. It is also available in the US & Australia.

HER LAST LIE is still selling well thanks to all you lovely readers, and as some of you know, has already raised over £6000 for Cancer Research UK in memory of my amazing sister! You can order a copy HERE for the UK. And it’s available in the US, Australia & Canada too.

Thank you for all your support.

Amanda X