‘Her Last Lie’ June 2018

The last two months have been amazing for Her Last Lie, and I can’t quite believe it is still hanging in there, waving a bestseller flag! It’s incredible. I feel so lucky to be in this position, and thankful to everyone who has bought a copy, and/or popped fab reviews on Amazon, Kobo, audible.co.uk, and iBooks. Also a big, huge thank you to my amazing editor, Hannah, and to all at HQ Digital for making it possible.

So, *drum roll* I’ve now raised from ebook sales (and earlier novel blogging) the brilliant sum of £4020.33 for Cancer Research UK, in memory of my amazing sister, and also, with great sadness, my lovely dad who sadly passed away in May 2018.

I hope that the figure will continue to grow – and do please keep an eye HERE to see how much I am raising for Cancer Research.

If you haven’t yet, and you would like to download a copy of Her Last Lie for just 99p – you can do so HERE. If you are in two minds whether to take the plunge, do have a wee look at some of the fabulous reviews the novel has received HERE

Or you could download the Audio edition from audible.co.uk. Her Last Lie will be in the 2 for 1 sale until June 24th.

Since I last posted, I’ve been extremely lucky that Her Last Lie has appeared in the winter ‘That’s Life!’ Australia, and the June edition of ‘Hertfordshire Life’. I’m very grateful to the lovely editors for including it.

My second book is now with my editor, and I’m crossing everything she likes it, and book 3 is coming together in my head and I may even write the first chapter this week.

As you can see above, amongst all the novel excitement, I lost my father in May. So for the non-author-me it’s been a very difficult year. I won’t talk about it too much here, but all I can say is it’s good to know how much I’ve raised in the hope we will one day find a cure for this cruel life-shattering disease.

On the boards at The London Book Fair April 2018

I was SO chuffed to be tagged on Twitter by my editor in this picture of ‘Her Last Lie’ on the HarperCollins’ boards at the London Book Fair 2018. I ended up oversharing the picture everywhere (you’ve probably seen it already) as I was so excited!  And my website isn’t getting off scot free. So here it is. The picture that made me dance around my kitchen. :o)


Her Last Lie – The First Three Months.

It’s been an amazing 3 months, since my debut novel ‘Her Last Lie’ was first published on January 9th 2018.

There have been some exciting ups as I watched my novel become a best seller in its category, and saw it climb its way into the top 100 Kindle chart in the US and Australia. I was amazed too to see it reach #116 in the UK Kindle chart. I never thought I would have a book published, let alone reach such amazing chart positions. At one point I was nestled between Jo Nesbo and Tess Gerritsen   – how cool is that?…  Continue reading HERE

An exciting few weeks. 17th March 2018

I can’t believe how well Her Last Lie has been doing – and constantly have to pinch myself – and it’s all thanks to you amazing readers, reviewers and to everyone who has supported me so much. Thank you.

I was thrilled to see the novel ranked at # 93 in the US, and # 40 in Australia, in their top 100 bestselling kindle charts. It was only for a short while, but even so – still extremely exciting.

At the moment you can find me over on the online literary magazine ‘Women Writers Women’s Books’ talking about ‘My Road to Publication’  HERE is the link, if you  would like to have a little read.


I’m now working flat out on my second novel – another psychological thriller – which will be published in March 2019 by HarperCollins/HQ Digital.







My Weekly (30th January-5th February)

I was thrilled to have a story in My Weekly called ‘Janie’s Song’. It was made extra special because the fiction editor, Karen Byrom, included a mention of Her Last Lie.

I’ve always had a real soft spot for My Weekly. Not only because its a lovely magazine, but  it was the first magazine to buy one of my stories in 2008. It was a ghostly, twist in the tale, and when the email dropped into my inbox, I was over the moon. So excited, in fact, that I ran up the garden to tell my husband, who was gardening. He thought we’d won the lottery. I felt as though I had.

Amanda Brittany on BBC Three Counties Radio (January 19th 2018)

So, I arrived at BBC Three Counties Radio’s studio in Dunstable a wee bit early. I didn’t want to be late. It was a cold but bright day, and I felt a wee bit strange as we walked towards the BBC building. In fact, it felt  surreal, as though it was all about to happen to someone else.

After my husband had snapped a photo of me standing outside, I pressed the buzzer, and was let in by a smiley man who told me to take a seat in reception.

Within a few minutes, the producer of ‘Mystery Guest’ Kady Braine appeared. She was so friendly; my nerves began to melt away. Although when she offered me a cup of tea, I declined, as I would probably have spilt the tea all over the floor. I can’t be trusted.

She told me briefly what would happen next, and then left me for about ten minutes.

When she reappeared, I was taken to a small studio. Inside was a mic, and I popped on headphones, and listened to Nick Coffer on air for a while, amusing his audience with funny anecdotes, before he played some music.

When the music stopped, I was on air, and my heart was thumping a bit too hard. Nick asked me questions, trying to guess why I was there. He got the reason pretty quickly, although I gave him a huge clue – that the only thing I ever exercised is my fingers. (True story!)

More music, as I was taken through to Nick’s snazzy studio and sat down opposite him, another mic inches from my face.

Questions followed, and Nick carried me through brilliantly, as I told him about Her Last Lie and the reasons why I’m giving my royalties to Cancer Research UK. Talking about my sister brought a lump to my throat, but I kept on going, and hopefully didn’t sound too wobbly.

It was a brilliant experience, if a little nerve-raking – and, without doubt, definitely something I’ll remember always.