May News. Amanda Brittany.

Traces of Her is presently with my editor, after the structural edits that I finished at the beginning of the month. I will hear from her this week with the next step – but it was lovely to hear from her last week to say ‘all my hard work has paid off’ PHEW! It doesn’t seem possible that I’ll have another book out in October!  Traces of Her is mainly set in Cornwall, with chapters set in Old Stevenage and Old Welwyn too.

I’m now working on my fourth novel – and relieved to be 3,000 words in, and that everything is taking shape in my head. At the moment it will be set in The Isle of Wight which if I feel is the perfect setting for the story.

I’m also planning my first ever author talk at the moment. It will be at Stotfold Library on 5th June – which is NEXT WEEK. I confess I’m nervous, but it’s a nice cozy library, so fingers crossed all will go well. 🙂





Finally, I’ve just noticed on Amazon UK that TELL THE TRUTH in paperback is on offer at  £7.84 – a huge drop. If you fancy a copy.  Just click HERE

Thanks, as always, for all your support.

Amanda X