Happy Christmas & A Happy 2020.

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Me and my sister

I can’t believe it’s Christmas in a few days time. Is it me, or has this year flown by?

Christmas, for me, is different than it once was. As many of you know, I lost my sister in 2017 and my dad in 2018, and my mum is unwell. So as the festive season kicks in, I’m remembering the fun Christmases we all shared, and having a little cry. There’s a huge gap in my life where my sister and dad once were, and I know it will never go away – but most of the time I’ve learned to live my life around it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to Christmas – my sister would be cross with me if I wasn’t – and I’ll be raising a glass to her and Dad. I hope, wherever they are, they’ll be having a bit of bop to ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ like we used to.

I know I’m so lucky to have my writing. And it has really helped get me through these last two years. To lose myself in another world – albeit a bit of a scary one at times – is great therapy. And, of course, it’s down to the wonderful support of family, friends, readers, writers, bloggers, reviewers, my editors and my agent that this exciting road I’m on is possible.

This year has seen the release of TELL THE TRUTH in paperback, and TRACES OF HER as an eBook. I’ve also written the first draft of my fifth novel. And THE SECRET SISTER – co-written with my lovely author friend Karen Clarke – is available to pre-order!

Available to pre-order

In January 2020 TRACES OF HER comes out in paperback, and THE SECRET SISTER is out as an eBook on January 10th. In April, HER LAST LIE & THE SECRET SISTER come out in paperback. And if that’s not enough, in July my fifth novel will be released!

So, I’ve got a busy writerly time throughout 2020, as I’ll be editing book 5, writing book 6 with Karen Clarke, and writing book 7, so if I disappear from social media, it’s because I’ve worn my fingers out typing!

So until I see you all again in 2020 – thank you again for your support, and do have the very best Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2020.

Amanda X