April & May 2019 News from Amanda Brittany

April and May have been very exciting months in my writing world! And I’m thrilled to say I’m now signed with The Kate Nash Literary Agency, and represented by Kate Nash, who is amazing!


I was lucky enough to meet Kate last Friday, when my lovely editor Cara Chimirri took us both out to lunch at The Ivy near Tower Bridge, which has the most amazing views of The Thames.






The next piece of exciting news is HQ Digital, HarperCollins has signed me in a further book deal to write two more psychological thrillers for them. I’ve just finished my structural edits for book 3 ‘Traces of Her’ which comes out in October, so can’t wait to dive into book 4!

And finally, I was thrilled to see a fantastic review from The Bookish Mummy on Tell The Truth in ‘Inside Hitchin’ a gorgeous local magazine.

Thank you so much for visiting.

Amanda X