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Can you believe it’s the middle of September already? I love the autumn, though – well apart from raking up all the leaves in the garden.

So now autumn is here, I’m getting excited about the publication of TRACES OF HER. It’s just over a month until the Kindle version will be out in the world. And, despite this being my third book, it is as thrilling as ever. I’m delighted by the amazing reviews on NetGalley so far. Here are a few that have seen me dancing around the room. (Not a pretty sight!)

5 STAR This book was incredible! It had guessing all over the place and the wow moments kept coming! Even the ending was impressive! Melissa NetGalley Reviewer

5 STAR Traces of Her is a clever psychological thriller that held my attention from start to finish! The characters felt real and there were plenty of twists and turns. Recommended! Malia NetGalley Reviewer 

5 STAR One of the best books I’ve read for mystery, drama, intrigue and dysfunctional families. Lori NetGalley Reviewer

TRACES OF HER is out on Oct 25th on Kindle. It will also be out in paperback in January and as an audiobook. If you would like to pre-order (please, please pre-order) it’s available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books & Googleplay.  Click HERE for the Amazon link.

Those who’ve read TELL THE TRUTH  will know that it’s set partly in beautiful Sligo, around the area my grandfather was born, so I was delighted to be interviewed by the Sligo Weekender about my book and why I set it there. 

I had a delicious afternoon tea in London a few weeks ago with my editors Cara Chimirri and Belinda Toor. It was so sad to say goodbye to the brilliant and lovely Cara, but I was delighted to have a lovely chat with Belinda who is equally amazing. I know without doubt my books are in safe hands.

I’m also thrilled to share news that I have signed a two-book deal with HQ Digital/HarperCollins for two psychological thrillers that my lovely friend Karen Clarke and I co-wrote. THE SECRET SISTER will be out on Kindle in January 2020, and an audiobook and paperback will follow.

I’m presently writing novel 4, and I’ve just reached the halfway mark- YAY! Real life has been quite hard and hampered production a wee bit – but I’m getting there, and I now know my characters really well, and feel I’m well on my way towards another twisty psychological thriller.

Thank you so much for visiting.

Amanda X